Our Programs

Spring Shine Preschool and Kindergarten provides early age education programs for children who are two year olds to six year olds. All our programs use Montessori curriculum and integrate physical activities in everyday learning. The programs currently available are as follows.

Toddler Course

Our toddler course is designed for two-to-three year old children. The course consists of physical activity session and Montessori-based classroom session. Lessons run for one hour and thirty minutes - twice a week. Physical activities are conducted in our indoor playground, which includes basic gross movement challenges, befitting early age children.

During these important golden ages in children's development, physical activities integration is especially important. As they are still in exploration and discovery stages in their life. Gross motor skills stimulations have been proven to improve many aspects of learning in younger children, such as developing confidence, creativity, and brain functions.

Lessons are conducted fully in English, with one parent/guardian/partner in attendance.

Year One

Our Year One program is a Pre-Kindergarten course is for children who are three-to-four year of age. Classes are conducted for two hours, three times a week.

As is customary with all our other programs, we use Montessori methods, integrate physical activities, and Letterland for literacy learning in our Year One lessons. Music and movements play integral parts in the course. 

Lessons are conducted in our indoor as well as outdoor classrooms. We utilize both settings to provide many sensory stimulations within the lessons.

Nature interaction is one aspect of learning in our courses, and we take advantage of being in an outdoor classroom. Thus, the children has more independence in their daily exploration and discovery.

Year Two and Year Three

Year Two (for four-to-five year olds) and Year Three (for five-to-six year olds) are our Kindergarten courses with Montessori curriculum, Letterland, and physical activities integration. 

Montessori curriculum spans many aspects of learning, such as Literacy, Numeracy, Mathematics, social studies, Science, and others. Montessori does not enforce strict rules in learning and expects the students to navigate their own learning journey. We as educators, are responsible to provide the right settings and environments for such learning to happen naturally.

Year Two and Three courses are conducted  Monday thru Friday, for 3-and-a-half hours each day. These courses are conducted in our indoor and outdoor classrooms, rotating on alternate days. Physical activities integration remain as big part of learning even at Year Two and Three levels. Indoor playground is utilized to accomodate physical plays and studies, while our outdoor classroom and outdoor playground provide abundance of freedom for students to interact with each other and expand their social interests as well as being immersed in nature.

Additional contents are Field Trips, Intra Curricular (traditional musical instrument), Extra Curricular (Mandarin, Lasy, Taekwondo, and others).