School Admissions

Within the year, Spring Shine conducts two Admissions cycles, which is January Intake and July Intake. Admissions for each intake can be as early as one year in advance, sometimes even earlier. Once the spots have been filled, our Admissions will temporarily be closed, except if spots become available due to cancellations. 

You are welcome to choose either one, depending on the age and readiness of your children to join schooling. Every child is different and thus they might have different ages at which they are ready to be going to school. Spring Shine provides various Programs for you to choose from, with varying number of days of schooling and length of each class. Please refer to our Programs page for further details.

You are very welcome to visit us to view our facilities, meet our teachers and children, as well as to get a glimpse on how we conduct lessons in our day-to-day routines.

Spring Shine Preschool and Kindergarten - Semarang

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Please do inquire with us early for a spot for your children, we certainly hope to be able to accomodate all, but sometimes spots fill up quickly and wait lists are formed. Throughout the year, openings become available due to children moving away and such, so we are open for admissions at other times - given there are spots in our classrooms.

Spring Shine is committed to providing quality education for children, and thus we do limit our classrooms to be of managable size. We keep our teachers - students ratio within the range that we are assured they will be able to monitor all of the children at all times.