Spring Shine is holding a market day 2024

Market day can be incredibly valuable for children in several ways. Here are some reasons why:

Entrepreneurial Skills: Market day gives children the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills at a young age. They learn about supply and demand, pricing, marketing, and customer service by actually running their own mini-business for a day.

Financial Literacy: Participating in market day helps children understand the value of money and how economic transactions work. They learn how to manage their finances by budgeting for supplies, calculating profits.

Creativity and Innovation: Market day encourages children to be creative and innovative in coming up with products to sell. 

Social Skills: Interacting with customers at market day helps children develop important social skills. They learn how to communicate effectively, negotiate with others, and handle different personality types, all of which are valuable skills for navigating the social world.

Self-Confidence: Successfully selling products or services at market day can boost children's self-confidence and self-esteem. It shows them that they are capable of setting goals, working hard, and achieving success, which can have a positive impact on their overall sense of self-worth.

Overall, market day can be a fun and educational experience for children, helping them develop a wide range of skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Thank You

We are thankful for ten amazing years that we have gone thru together.

We are thankful to God for His continued guidance and blessings.

We thank all parents for entrusting your little ones with us.

We love all you Spring Shine kids for brightening our days and for your everyday spirit to play and learn.

To teachers, may we continue to work together towards creating better futures and reach ever higher.

Ten years is not a long time, but it is long enough to realize that we are in this together, with the common goal of providing quality education for early age children, whom are just starting to learn about the world.

We hope to be able to continue striving towards excellence and to be The Best that We can be.

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Spring Shine Preschool and Kindergarten is officially 10.

We shared our happiness with our kids, parents, teachers, and friends thru our Anniversary Celebration at our very own Outdoor Learning Space.

We are thankful to God for the amazing 10 years that have gone by, and we remain excited for the future that awaits.

Thank you parents for your trust and never ending support, thank you our passionate teachers who always nurture our young learners with love..

Thanks again to our kids and parents that have made the time to come to the celebration. It certainly was a lot of fun with lots of smiles and cheers.

Ten years of learning

Ten years of fun

Ten years of work and play

Aren't we the lucky ones....

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Dalam rangka penanggulangan KLB Polio VDPV2 yang telah ditemukan di kabupaten Klaten dan di provinsi Jawa Timur, maka Dinkes kota Semarang mengadakan program Imunisasi Polio untuk anak-anak.

Terimakasih Dinkes Kota Semarang @dkksemarang

dan @puskesmaskagok yang telah menyelenggarakan Sub PIN Polio di Spring Shine.

Terima kasih #springshineparents dan anak2 semua atas partisipasinya..

Dengan imunisasi, kita melindungi anak-anak kita dari penyakit-penyakit yang mengancam masa depan mereka. Mari sukseskan Pekan Imunisasi Nasional dengan turut menginformasikan KLB polio dan program Pekan Imunisasi Polio yang bisa didapatkan juga di banyak Puskesmas dan Posyandu terdekat di kota Semarang.

Virus, Virus go away

Not to come back another day....

We want to run and jump and play....


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Working with Montessori Sound boxes..

Sound boxes is one of Sensory Material in Montessori. It promotes the development of auditory sense in children.

The sensorial area in a Montessori classroom focuses on lessons and activities that help develop the five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. The lessons and activities provided in the sensorial area of the classroom help children clarify, classify, and understand the world around them and to prepare the child indirectly for future learning

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Spring Shine In collaboration with Klinik Gigi Nadira @klinikgiginadira_official @klinikgiginadira_mt.haryono Spring Shine conducted an educational session on general oral hygiene and dental health.

Big thanks to Drg. Bito Leilla Atmaja @bito.atmadja and drg. Ivan Febiyanto from the clinic who visited our classes and gave a brief talk on how to keep our teeth healthy and shiny. They also conducted some checkups on the children.

Dental chek-ups for kids are important because they help to detect and prevent oral health problems early before they escalate into more serious complication.

Regular dental check-ups and early oral hygiene education will also help children to establish good oral hygiene habits and ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy and strong

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Montessori Practical Life Skills 

One unique Montessori method of teaching is its Practical Life Skills subject, in which the child would learn about everyday tasks such as cleaning, keeping tidy, doing self care, and preparing food.

At our Outdoor Learning Space, we have vegetable plants that the children would pick themselves, wash, cut, and clean, and they would then cook with the help of the teachers. This way, the children actually get to experience firsthand how plants come to be and how they would end up on our plates. 

It is a valuable and joyful learning experience for us and for the children, when they are able to actually put food on the table for themselves.

Spring Shine Market Day

To welcome the month of Ramadan, Spring Shine is having our Market Day charity event - with goods contributed by the awesome Spring Shine Parents. Big Thanks to all parents for the generosity and help.

Our children got a taste for buying and selling various goods during our Market Day event. They take turn to act as sellers and buyers during the event, along with parents as buyers.

Goods being sold range from home made cookies, food items, snacks, goody bags, accessories, as well as crafts proudly made by the children.

We are happy to report that all goods were sold out in record time and with all proceeds going towards charity of choice. 

Once again, thanks for all who have contributed for the success of the event.

Montessori Training

We are conducting Montessori Training with Rumah Montessori on March 23rd - 25th, 2023. The training is conducted as a refresher on general Montessori subjects, as well as sharing sessions on the latest Montessori teaching techniques and tools.

The training involves Montessori principles, such as hands-on learning, self-guided studies, discovery and exploration, and how to create a "Prepared Environment" for the children to learn in.

Even though our teachers are familiar with the subjects and have been teaching using these methods, we encourage them to always keep an open mind for even the very basic of subjects. Given a different point of views, it is possible that we learn something new everyday.

Given the day-to-day buzz in the classroom, teachers might not have the chance to properly observe their method of teaching and thus regular training is important in providing much needed review and a re-look on methodologies and new developments or knowhows on Montessori and teaching tools.

Unstructured Play in Montessori

Unstructured play or free play is a type of play where children are given the freedom to play, explore and engage certain activities without any structure. It is an important tool for the holistic development of children and support social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

At Spring Shine, children are given time for free play every day. This provides an opportunity for students to explore their imagination, problem-solving skills, and social skills. Children are given a wide range of materials and activities to choose from, based on their interest and development level.

Free play is adhered to Montessori philosophy of promoting independence, self-directed learning, and respect for the child's natural curiosity and ability. Research studies show that unstructured playtime significantly contributes to academic outcomes, social well-being, and mental health.


Puji Syukur kepada Tuhan YME atas berkat penyertaan-Nya kepada TK Spring Shine, Semarang sepanjang proses Akreditasi sehingga pada akhirnya dapat meraih hasil Akreditasi "A".

Kami mengucapakan terima kasih kepada @banpauddanpnf dan @disdiksmgkota atas kesempatan yang sudah diberikan kepada TK Spring Shine untuk mengikuti program Akreditasi tahun 2022 ini.

Terima kasih ibu Suparjiyanti S.Pd selaku Pengawas TK Satpen Kecamatan Candisari dan bp. Sutikno,S.P.d.M.Pd

selaku Korsatpen Candisari atas segala dukungannya.

Terima kasih ibu Riyati Anggoro Peni, M.Pd dan bp. Drs. Y. Rudi Yono, M.Pd. selaku auditor.

Terima kasih kepada seluruh orang tua murid TK Spring Shine, dan juga anak-anak semua untuk dukungan dan kepercayaannya kepada kami.

Terima kasih untuk guru-guru dan karyawan sekolah yang telah bekerja keras dalam menyukseskan proses Akreditasi ini.

Mengikuti proses Akreditasi adalah salah satu dari komitmen kami untuk dapat selalu memberikan pendidikan yang terbaik untuk putra / putri bapak ibu. Menjadi harapan kami pula untuk dapat terus berkembang dan menjadi organisasi yang semakin baik lagi.

We are counting from 0 to 100. Quite big numbers for little ones, but they are familiar with the concept and are able to understand that collections of ones would make tens, and collections of tens would then make hundreds. 

When they can see and experience the counting themselves, they are able to grasp the numbers as well as putting meaning into them. This is why Montessori is such a good fit for early age learning, as the concept is given using concrete items that can usually be touched or experienced physically.

Montessori hands-on approach uses many different props and materials to teach new concepts.

Children are provided with learning materials that are designed to be simple, clear and concrete, so that children can easily grasp the concept.

By engaging with these materials, children can develop their spatial awareness and fine motor skills, as well as their ability to recognize and identify different shapes.❤❤❤ 

We assign a Greeter and Leader role for the day.  They are responsible to greet and direct their peers for the day. 

By doing so, we hope to instill confidence and leadership in them and get them used to having responsibilities and to care for others. Every little step counts and goes a long way into their future.

We are observing, we are playing, we are socializing, we are learning, and we are growing!

We think that any moment is a learning opportunity, and we can make use of any objects in our surroundings. We have a fish pond in our place and we spend time to feed the fish, observe their behaviors, sit around and be still for a while - it is a "relatively" quiet time, but meaningful and nurturing. 

Worksheet time! We do not shy away from using worksheets if and when needed. It is an important and necessary part of learning. 

Worksheets allow us to summarize many points into one sheet and to review the materials that have been taught before. We use worksheets along with other teaching aids to help us achieve better learning.

By the way, such a beautiful day today with cool breeze and the sun shining, after so many rainy and cloudy days..  :)

As part of our Chinese New Year Celebration, we had Lion Dancers came and performed at Spring Shine. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and had exposure to Chinese culture here in Indonesia. 

Diversity is THE keyword of the moment. We celebrate diversity and not shun it. We should be proud that Indonesia is rich with so many different cultures, dialects, local instruments, food, and many many other non tangible cultural treasures. We must take advantage of these cultural riches and have them preserved and supported, just as our founding fathers have highlighted in the ideology of our country that is Pancasila. In short, Indonesia - while we are all different, but we are one.

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Shen Ti Jian Kang

Wan Shi Ru Yi

Happy Chinese New Year 2574🙏🙏 

We are observing, we are playing, we are socializing, we are learning, and we are growing!

We think that any moment is a learning opportunity, and we can make use of any objects in our surroundings. We have a fish pond in our place and we spend time to feed the fish, observe their behaviors, sit around and be still for a while - it is a "relatively" quiet time, but meaningful and nurturing. 

Let's kick off the New Year with plenty of oomph and happiness. We keep moving and climbing and running and jumping and ....... many many other fun activities, while learning and growing aplenty.

Do inquire with us for our physical activities programme and / or preschool - kindergarten for your little ones. 

We base our teaching methods on physical activities and gross motor skills development on young children. We believe that physical activities integration and gross motor skills development are paramount in early age children learning. Acts such as balancing, running, jumping, and climbing are facilitated thru the use of specialized equipments and methods. Even though these skills are some of the most basic that we learnt as human beings, they are found to be directly related to confidence, creativity, and brain development in younger children. 

Let's swing into action and have fun...

We integrate physical activities and play into our daily routines. Young children learn thru many ways, including exploration and self discovery. Being able to learn new skills build self confidence and self worth. We are happy to provide the means necessary for these processes to happen naturally..

Our first outing in many years! We are definitely all excited and happy that we are able to have the experience and fun together with friends. 

Let us hope for many more excitements to come while keeping safe and away from viruses and staying happy and healthy.. 

Circle time is a fun time for us as we get to sing together, scream (lower-case scream :)) together, and learn together....

Such welcome change compared to during the pandemic when everything has to be online and distance. Social learning and being with friends are some of the most important aspects of schooling. Without these exposures, our world would work differently and might not be as developed as today as we are social beings and we always seek companionships in our endeavors. 

Physical activities integration is paramount in our learning methods. We feel that early age children has to be constantly engaged as they have abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Academic advancements will then follow thru...

Early age education is not just about one two threes and A - B - C, but also their whole being, as they are still "learning and exploring on how to be humans". By integrating physical activities into our daily routines, we hope to nurture their growth further. 

Going home time at Spring Shine - Let's make a round together....

We base our teaching methods on physical activities and gross motor skills development on young children. We believe that physical activities integration and gross motor skills development are paramount in early age children learning. Acts such as balancing, running, jumping, and climbing are facilitated thru the use of specialized equipments and methods. Even though these skills are some of the most basic that we learnt as human beings, they are found to be directly related to confidence, creativity, and brain development in younger children. 

We tidy our clutters after we are done with them!

It is important to nurture children to be responsible for their actions, including tidying up after class. We try to always remind them to put the props back after use, and to clean up the mess they make after each study sessions. 

Tiny habits that go a loong way into the future......... 

Let's swing into action and have fun...

We integrate physical activities and play into our daily routines. Young children learn thru many ways, including exploration and self discovery. Being able to learn new skills build self confidence and self worth. We are happy to provide the means necessary for these processes to happen naturally.. 

What makes schooling interesting is the friendships formed within. Early childhood education is about providing the media and means for these litlle ones to discover themselves and the learning follows afterwards.

We are excited that they are able to interact freely with others and have the proper fun that they need to thrive as individuals. 

The long period of confinement due to Covid that we all experienced was really a downer. We hope that the situation only improves and that we can continue to experience learning as normal and varied as possible.

We also learned about multiple techniques to help out someone that is choking. 

We hope to never needing to use these techniques, but certainly good to know how to perform them, just in case life throws us one of her curveballs. 

Many thanks to dr Andreas Yohan for today's training on Emergency and Basic Life Support. We learnt many new things that are important and can potentially be life-saving. 

One important takeaway: as of 2008, the AHA releases new recommendations that say bystanders can skip mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and use Hands-Only CPR to help an adult who suddenly collapses. 

In Hands-Only CPR, bystanders provide high-quality chest compressions by pushing hard and fast in the center of the victim's chest. In addition, CPR is also safer due to lower risk of virus transmissions. 

We love books, as they are our windows to the world, a way to explore past and future, and as outlet for our imaginations to roam free. 

During their free play time, children are allowed to read the books provided in the classroom. They are free to bring their own as well... maybe they can share with others or exchange books.

United Nations Day recognizes the founding of the United Nations (UN) in 1945. The celebration is observed annually on October 24th.

Spring Shine's UN Day celebration aims to provide the children with exposure to different cultures, landmarks, and languages of different countries of the world.

The children are dressed up in costumes from different countries as each country has its unique traditional costume representing its cultural identity. 

We hope that by being exposed to differences and diversities, these children are able to appreciate that we are of many "colors" and backgrounds, that we have various ways of thinking and opinions. Having differences does NOT mean that we cannot walk together in life.

We would knock down our walls to make way for our children if need be - and that's what we did!!!

Spring Shine realized that in this pandemic and uncertain times, we cannot afford to take unnecessary risks, thus we had our Outdoor Learning Space built and created.

The design of our Outdoor Learning Space is in perfect sync with what Montessori noted about early age education. She felt strongly that children of early age be educated in an outdoor environment - where they can interact with nature and observe the goings on of their world.

Our Outdoor Learning Space allows us to have classrooms without walls, grassy area where children can roam free in, and equipped with physical activities equipments that stimulate gross motoric skills.

These propositions make our approach in early childhood education unique and distinctive. Please feel free to visit us at Kendalisodo 9A, Candisari, Semarang for further discussions.








Teacher is one who guides, one who leads, and one who helps. As a preschool and kindergarten, we educate the youngest of children. The way we educate these children will probably shape their learnings throughout the rest of their lives. Thus, we must take the proper care and caution in our teachings - we remind ourselves everyday... 

We learn about roles, genders, clothes, and occupations thru interactions and mix-and-matching. There can be various scenarios and examples that can be put together. It challenges the children to think proactively while using their own knowledge and observations of their daily lives.

There is always an opportunity to learn, everywhere and anywhere, if and when one is willing to sit still and observe. 

Climbing, balancing, hanging, running, all involve major muscle groups in our body. Coarse motoric movements are proven to improve brain functions at early age developments. Our Outdoor Learning Space provides such avenue for motoric developments.

Given the right environments for the students to learn in, they are bound to achieve the best that they can.




In Montessori teaching methods, we associate numbers with counting. Early steps in learning numbers include counting tangible objects so that the child can comprehend the meaning of numbers thru counting the objects. Hence, after making the connection, the numbers become real for them.

Our worksheets are always constructed according to these Montessori methods of teaching, so that our children can grasp the subjects easier and faster, while being actively involved in their own learning process. 

We had plenty of fun during our Bookweek Festival. We got to act out our books, did story telling in front of our mates, and listened to many interesting stories unfolded.

Bookweek is one of our school's ways to foster interests in books and reading. Loving to read is like loving to learn and we are all for that!! 

Montessori Hands-on Approach

Unlike more traditional methods, the Montessori approach allows children to learn at their own pace in a lively, hands-on environment that encourages independence, self-discipline and analytical thinking.

Props and materials are readily available for children to explore, touch, color, draw on, and generally interact with. Participation is always appreciated and expected. We encourage children to be involved in their own learning and self discovery.

We deeply believe that Montessori methods are some of the best when it comes to early age learning. 

Why is the Montessori Mathematics from the Concrete to the Abstract?

Learning comes much more easily when children work with concrete educational materials that graphically show what is taking place in a given mathematical process. 

Montessori students use hands-on learning materials that make abstract concepts clear and concrete. They can literally see and explore what is going on using their hands and thus they understand and learn easier and with better understanding.

#MontessoriMathematics #MontessoriPreschool

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#LearningMathFun #MathNumbers 

Montessori Methods and Physical Activities are Deeply Connected

Gross motor skills are the physical body movements that involve large muscles in the body in order to perform everyday functions.

Gross motor skills develop early and rapidly during childhood.

Working on gross motor skills helps a child gain strength and confidence in his/her body.

Academically, gross motor skills are essential in brain development. Research had shown that physical activities have positive effect on cognition and can improve academic performance.

That is why Spring Shine is integrating Montessori methods with physical activities. Our equipments are specifically designed to develop children's physical skills on agility, balance, climbing, and coordination with a variety of settings that will create different kinds of challenges for kids each time.

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Team Work!!! ✅️✅️

It comes naturally in our Montessori classroom settings ❤❤❤ They help each other to make a very long track during free play time with no adult interventions...

There is a great sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children work together in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competitiveness.

There is respect for the environment and for the individuals within it, which comes through experience of freedom within the community.

Giving students as many opportunities to play, learn, and share with their peers is one of the first steps in helping them to really develop the concepts needed to work as a team with their peers.

Why is teamwork important?

1. Builds a sense of community

2. Develops empathy

3. Children learn from each other

4. Children learn that there are others' perspective

#Montessoripreschool#weplaywelearn #playistheworkofachild #educatingthewholechild #preschoolsemarang #kindergartensemarang #Montessorisemarang#TKsemarang #playgroupsemarang

Collaboration and Montessori Encourage Children to Step Up

Collaborative learning (and play) involves children learning in pairs or small groups through different activities. It can be a fun way for students to learn and interact with their peers. Collaborative learning in early childhood also plays a huge role in building the communication and social skills of children.

This kind of learning is student-centric and provides children with a sense of autonomy over their educational process. It can lead to deeper learning, improve general self-esteem, and build an understanding of others’ diverse perspectives. 

Research shows that learning through collaboration with peers can build confidence, increase attention, motivation, and response levels of students. It can also provide encouragement to students who are shy to engage in activities, which can then help their oral communication skills.

This will happen naturally when you allow children to play.